Education is the future - 
also in Africa

We support the education of young adults in various African countries.

To do this we are establishing local training centres for agriculture and healthcare.

Dr. med. vet. habil. Birgit Viertlböck (Founder)

Birgit wants to help people in Africa to help themselves. Young adults with little school education in particular benefit from the project. We are establishing local training centres for agriculture and healthcare.

Dr. Ph.D. Ade Ekundayo (Director of Program (Nigeria)

Dr. Ade is our contact in Nigeria. He is an experienced mentor for young people in Nigeria. With his ambitious nature, he supports our project on site.

Gandal Demma e. V. 

1st Chairperson: Luisa Jobe; 2nd Chairperson El Aabd Khalid 
Treasurer: Birgit Viertlböck; Managing Director El Haji Ndongo 

Gandal Demma e.V. stands for cultural exchange and help for self-help.

Online coaching training programme

We offer programme participants coaching training in the Doletions method. 

The Doletionstherapie®  is a traumatherapy based method, which combines mental techniques from different approaches. 

It liberates participants from trauma (both individual and transgenerational), blockages and beliefs in our projects on site. Inner mental strength will be THE driving force.

This method can also be used by students/health care people on site (also in their mother tongue) in the healthcare system.

Because mental liberation is the key to self-healing. It is used to activate self-healing powers in the context of chronic diseases and pain syndromes, but also in complex psychological trauma, it can induce a deep and quick relief.

What happens in a Doletion-Method Session?

The work comprises an intensive, one time only 1:1 session, in person or online. 

  • Intensive engagement with your life path

Preparation is an emotional resume that you write at home with the help of a digital template and bring to the workshop.
It contains a chronological list of the emotional down points that you can remember or that you have been told about. With the help of this framework, we go deeper into your life in the first part of the workshop and activate the subconscious to let go of everything.

  • Trauma-friendly resolution of all issues and blockages

With the help of Doletiontherapy®, which is a unique blend of quantum healing, systemic work, belief system work, core therapy, breath therapy and visualisation techniques, these blocking negativities are dissolved. In the process, negative experiences from the conscious past and the subconscious are made visually tangible and thus actually removable.

Level 1 covers negatively experienced periods in one's own life. In level 2 and 3, negativities from the time of one's own embryonic development and systemic/trans-generational epigenetic influences from one's own ancestral lineage are "removed" with a very effective and unique visualisation method.

It is important for me that you know that I can hold and support you emotionally on this journey. You get the space you need and the depth that is good for you. I would like to mention explicitly that there have been no retraumatisations in my therapeutic sessions. That is why I value this format so much.

Following elimination, self-love and acceptance are transformed and further resources such as trust and inner peace are integrated.

  • Homework and guidance in everyday life

A short daily meditation reinforces the effect of the session and makes the changes in the subconscious accessible to the mind.

The session also includes two follow-up telephone calls of 30 minutes each. 

Training concept Doletionstherapie®


Each participant is guided through the process by me personally in a 1:1 setting as part of a demo. The demo is recorded/recorded and only shared within the training group AFTER AGREEMENT with the participant.


The training group consists of 10-15 participants who go through this process. With the help of a workbook and FAQs on various settings, the training group is allowed to work through the demos themselves after integrating their own processes. After working through three demos, we then meet to discuss case studies and specifics.

The training period lasts approx. 1 year. At the end, the graduate must have worked on 3 cases independently. These cases are not recorded. However, they can of course be discussed in the training group. At the end, one case must be presented in detail in a written assignment and then there is an oral examination in a 1:1 setting  and the issue of a certificate as a "Doletion Therapist".

Our projects

Agricultural training for young adults in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our organisation finances the training and the seeds, seedlings and materials required for this. We also provide accommodation and meals for the programme participants on site.

Programme Coordinator: Mr Akanni with participant.
Here, vegetable seedlings are being prepared for planting in the field.

The programme aims to market home-grown products so that accommodation, catering and the continuation of cultivation can be financed in the long term through own income.

Online training to become a certified Doletion Therapist/Coach (Nigeria)

In regular online training courses, motivated young adults (free of charge) and established health care workers (for a small course fee) are trained in this traumatherapy method. Pastor Nathaniel Wilson (top left in the picture) is our local contact for anyone interested in participating.


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